There & Back, Again.

So...I’ve really been putting off writing this entry, could you tell? I feel like once I’ve finished writing it, this crazy wonderful period of my life will be closed. People will no longer feel the same energy they once felt when bursting out into random songs about paradoxes and pirates. The secrets of the show that once connected us have all been revealed, and what’s left? A recording of some college’s performance of The Pirates of Penzance, and a few good memories.

Well, I guess I’d better share those with you then--

This play was a blasty blast if I've ever experienced one. I’ve never felt more strong or powerful or beautiful in my life; which I think is kind of remarkable considering I was a 47-year old nurse-pirate wench.

I made some new friends,

got to wear the most awesome costume ever
(complete with extra boobs and two extra butt pads
which people squeezed for good luck),

had my mother come visit and see me perform,
sang and performed for a full audience in a lead role
(check that off my bucketlist!!),

became a better singer,
and laughed the entire time.

What a great looking bunch of people :)

I think one of the most amazing parts was singing a solo onstage. I can’t even describe the intensity of it. All I can remember is complete silence in the auditorium - except for my own voice - which everyone was there to listen to. Now that is a crazy thought. The stage lights blinding me when I looked into the audience only made it seem that much more surreal. It was such a special moment. But the best part was the fact that there were so many people there; this show meant SO much to me, and the fact that I got to share it with them just made me want to cry, I was so happy. I literally loved every person who came, especially the people who were important to me. One of my friends came and saw it three of the four nights, my choir conductor, who knew I had been working my ass off for this thing, came and said she was blown away, my mother flew out from California to see it, and another friend of mine said he wasn’t going to be able to make it, then surprised me by coming to the last performance. All these people made the show worth doing every night, and I’m more happy to have shared those few nights with them than I would be if I got to spend my whole life onstage.

Here’s one of the recordings -- its the opening of the show.
I think the whole first act is online if you've got an extra 45 minutes to spare ;)

It’s funny - Recently, I’ve been asked many times why I perform, and every time I find it an extremely difficult question to answer. Normally, I say I do it for myself, but, I think this production has led me to thoroughly enjoy acting as a means of connecting to people in the audience.Theater has the power to largely impact people; I’m entranced forever and a day by performances I see, here in Chicago (which is why I am so sad not to have seen any theater this whole semester!!). I know exactly how it feels to leave a show and be mesmerized by an actor’s performance, or concepts of the show, or even something as simple as a single line in it. And to be the cause of that mesmerization, to actively stimulate someone’s mind other than by simply stating an obvious truth, I think, is an incredible power.

On the other hand, when I say I perform for myself, I mean that I love it because performing the most awesome way to explore human capacity. Think of all the emotions you’ve ever felt in your life. Now think of all the different ways of expressing those emotions. THERE ARE TRILLIONS! The one regret I would have were I to die this very instant would be that I didn’t know everything I’m capable of doing or experiencing. You’re probably asking, “Well, why don’t you go do the real thing, then?” Truthfully, I’m scared. Who in their right mind thinks it’s easy to tell people how you really feel about them? Or that you get the chance everyday to bitch out the person you loathe? Or to lie straight to someone’s face to get what you want? And who in the hell actually gets to experience love at first sight anyways? Acting gives us the opportunity to explore such rare human emotions, for the most part, without consequences.

Well, now I'm getting side-tracked. Anyways, here’s to the amazing performance, a great cast, and many more memories to come!

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