Break Adventures!

Sitting on a bus back to New York from Boston. It's been a fabulous trip this far!

 Since we left Friday night, we've travelled a total of 28 hours long distance

lived in a stranger's small (but awesome) apartment, 
almost become friends with the mouse (Lucy) that lives there, 

climbed a total of 825 stairs in this apartment building alone, 
managed in an extremely bipolar shower, 

seen three celebrities, 

(Diane Kruger from National Treasure!)

seen an off-brodway show,

 learned how to navigate the city, 

discovered cute hole in the wall shops and markets, 
shopped ALOT, 

napped and picnicked in Central Park, 

been incredibly thrifty and healthy, 

and toured around Boston. 

I've been enjoying every second of it!
...well, maybe not every second.

Monday night, we went out to Chinese food. I thought I'd try something new; I figured I like fried rice, and I like curry, so curry fried rice sounded beyond delicious. And it was. Then, we went to this incredible dessert place called Serendipity. It's famous for their frozen hot chocolate, holding the Guiness world record for largest sundae (must be ordered two whole days in advance and costs a thousand dollars), and for being in the movie Serendipity.

By the time we got back to the apartment, I was STUFFED. I got up at a decent hour the next morning, took a shower, did my hair, got all dressed and ready to go. I made a sandwich for lunch and sat there staring at it. I didn't want to eat it...it was like my stomach was still full from the night before. And it was hurting. I laid back down on the bed in all kinds of positions thinking it was just gas or some other weird thing. It was getting to be time to go, so I tried going to the bathroom, but I couldn't! I ended up forcing myself to throw up a little, telling myself I'd feel better after. But I didn't; I felt worse! I spent about fifteen minutes vacillating about whether or not to go out with my friends, but eventually I decided I should just stay at the apartment and see what was wrong with me. As they were leaving, I rushed past them to the bathroom and started puking my guts out.

Oooooh that's what it is. Food poisoning. This was not going to be a good day.

I laid down on the bed and tried to get some rest. I was starting to feel a little better a couple hours later when my friend Michelle came back to check on me. I was feeling considerably better, so I got dressed, ate my sandwich (I was so hungry!), and we head out for a thrift store we'd searched for the night before. A twelve minute walk; simple enough, right? WRONG. We get to the thrift store which looked really awesome, and one of our other friends told us we needed to walk back. The thought of walking all that way again made me feel queasy. More than queasy, sick...I started pacing back and forward in front of the store, bending over, salivating. Something was going to happen and it wasn't going to be good. I finally bent over and threw up in the middle of the street. IN THE MIDDLE OF THE STREET. Let me tell you, the moment excrements come out of your body in the middle of a street in NYC is the moment when all your dignity gets thrown out the window. "Congratulations, Michelle. You have now seen me at my absolute worst," is what I said when I was done. We couldn't help but crack up, it was embarrassingly hilarious. We walked by a UPS guy who watched the whole thing while waiting to get buzzed into a building and he said, "Feel better?" Ohhh, the shame. I threw up once more before we got back to the apartment (in a restaurant bathroom this time, don't worry.)

Climbing the six flights of stairs back at our apartment was no walk in the park either. It's always shitty, but I honestly don't know how I didn't throw up after making it all the way to the top. I still felt like absolute crap, so I went back to sleep for a couple hours until my friend woke me up for... ba ba da ba ba baaaaaa! Our show!! I had been looking forward to it for the whole week, and I was not going to let this stop me from going. If I had to run to the bathroom every half hour, I was going. Luckily, I did not have to do this, haha. I was pretty much emptied out by then and decided not to eat anything else for the rest of the day. I was so glad of this because I was able to thoroughly enjoy the show!f

Last week, I told my directing professor that I was taking a trip to New York with friends for spring break, and I had completely forgotten that he'd just finished directing a play there during the first half of the semester! When he heard I was going to New York, he asked if I wanted to see his show and offered to get me tickets to see it! The show is called Rutherford & Son; it's playing at the Mint Theater off-Broadway, and it was truly great. I was actually surprised how invested in it I was since the time period, the costumes, and the problems were pretty plain, but that's how you can tell it's been directed well: if it still keeps your attention.

I basically idolize this man, Rick Corley. His depth and knowledge of theater literally astounds me; my goal in life is to BE him, haha. Honestly, though, he is extremely talented, and very worth meeting, taking a class with, or seeing a show directed by. He directed a show at our school last year that was, in my opinion...a little too ahead of the college student's maturity level. Not that it was raunchy or whatever (come to think of it, that would be the perfect level of maturity for a college student), it was just very adult, sophisticated, and complex. But that's Rick, though - adult, sophisticated, complex, and ambitious.

Hope everyone's spring breaks are going well! 
Happy spring!

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