Hey, remember me? 
I write this thing. 

Where did Summer go?! Sure, it's still July, but I mean...I go back to Chicago in less than 4 weeks, where I have recently procured an education internship at Chicago Shakespeare Theater...HOLY FREAKING CRAP, CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT? I'm sorry, I wish I could be more subtle about this, but I can't tell you how freaking stoked, relieved, and terrified I am. Guess I'll jump that fast-approaching hurtle when it gets here. 

In case you forgot, I'll be living in a hostel in Chicago this Fall, taking classes at a college downtown, and doing a two-credit internship. I've got the three best roomies in the world, our suite (complete with a full fridge, stove, and dishwasher!) will be decked out with tons of awesome, oh, and did I mention I'll be living IN DOWNTOWN CHICAGO? Okay, again, I'm sorry for this visual freak out for your eyes, but I really am really excited :)

My most recent adventure this summer was this past weekend when I went to San Diego's Pride Parade and Festival with my lesbian aunt. I was actually pretty excited about it. My first gay outing "out." And it was pretty fun! Some highlights?

Military PRIDE!

Islander PRIDE!

This random guy Xan (pronounced "Zan") we met...

Catholics for Same-Sex Marriage!

Awesome Gay Dancers

Awesome Gay Dancers Part II

Superhero PRIDE.

Carrying the Giant PRIDE Flag.

Happy Pride :)
Happy Summer!

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