Good morning and welcome to a live and waking Los Angeles. 9am, and people are already bustling about, getting to jobs, riding beach cruisers, grabbing their morning coffees. You know, it actually is a beautiful city. It's funny, I've lived in California my whole life, and I feel like I've never really done more than peek my head out the door of the few towns I've visited. Not that I really have a huge desire to live out here or anything, I'm just a little sad that I haven't really gotten a chance to appreciate my home state for all that it is. Maybe if I come back home next summer, I'll spend some more time in the city. It's about an hour away from my house, and I'd love to just walk around and explore for a while. Hey, maybe that's what I'll do today. I should probably explain why I'm even here in the first place.

My best friend from home, Ms. Katelyn Williams, attends USC (University of Southern California - go Trojans!) and she just moved into her fabulous apartment near campus. It's super sweet; there's a full kitchen, a flatscreen T.V. , and four bedrooms - and each one has it's own bathroom and shower! She's working at the Computer Science Center (I know, super nerdy right?) up until schools starts, which will be in a few weeks. We sort of have this unspoken pact that whenever we're both free, we're always together. Seriously, we've had many many talks about how lame our lives are because we plan out every day of every week and coordinate our schedules so we always know when we're going to hang out next. So, going along with this pact, we decided on my days off work, I would come stay with her out here! The only problem so far is that work schedules are tricky, tricky little devils. She usually works all week, and I work all weekend. :P Still, last night I got out here with time to go to dinner and help her set up her bed, WiFi, and cable (SCORE.), and this morning we got breakfast at Jack's and Joe's - basically the most heavenly place on earth. Anyways, she's at work now, and I have the day off, so while I'm sitting here in Starbucks trying to pass the time so traffic won't suck, I thought I'd write a blogpost...at the same time, it's a beautiful day, and I feel a little like exploring (despite the fact that I brought neither a brush nor any makeup for my overnight stay). I have my camera...maybe I'll take a peek around?....

....aaaaaand I'm back. So turns out, it' freaking HOT outside, and I didn't want to explore totally new territory for fear of getting lost, so I browsed the beautiful, and LARGE campus and snapped some photos :)

P.S. My job at OshKosh is pretty great. Up until this point, I've had decent hours (I love 4 and 6 hour shifts), made friends with practically everyone I work with...it's going to be sad when I leave, and I'm doing great on the cash register and with customer service :) It's a thousand and one times better than working at Johnny Rockets. Granted, I got way more hours there and made way more over the summer, ringing people up for clothes for 8 hours is way less tiring and stressful than running around like my head has been cut off. Yeah, MY head, not a chicken's.

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