I Give Up.

Okay, I've pretty much given up on this day-by-day-play-by-play thing. Besides, the next day is the day my camera died so there aren't really anymore pictures :( The only other cool thing worth noting is that I got to go to the Harry Potter Exhibition which was literally the coolest thing of my life. Like I almost started crying, that's how excited I was..okay now that just makes me sound like some kind of die-hard harry potter FREAK, but really I'm not...I mean it's not like I bought my Harry Potter 7 - The Deathly Hallows Part 2 tickets more than a week ago and am going to a double premier of the first and second ones that starts at 830pm and am dressing up as Harry Potter or anything like that..I mean seriously. But for reals, my whole group of friends are going and dressing up too, aaaaaand my best friend is going to be the snitch. Don't you wish yours was that cool?

I love my group of friends. In high school, your "group" was defined by the people you sat with at lunch, so everyone's friend group was called their "table." For instance, "I went to see the Moorpark fireworks on July 3rd with my table"...it doesn't make as much sense now that I'm no longer in high school, haha. Anyways, here we all are :)

Going clockwise from the girl in the blue hat, that's Caitlyn, Kaitlynne, Katie, Julia, Christina, and me in the red shirt and slanket. You may be thinking to yourself, "What the hell is a slanket? Probably some kind of knock-off version of a snuggie, amiright?" No, no. I shall tell you. It is the infinitely more awesome and attractive equivalent of a snuggie. It has a sweatshirt and foot pocket. Katie got it for me as a going away gift since I was going back to the icy wasteland of Chicago. This actually isn't all of our table, but it's pretty close. Check us out. Catholic school girls making a Jewish star. We turned out so well :)

Here we are watching the fireworks. I don't know why I've never watched them laying down before, it's ingenious, I was trippin.





Hope you all had a wonderful Independence Day!

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