Ode to Coffee.

I concluded today, I'm addicted to Coffee.
Nothing compares, not ice cream, not toffee.
For when we are together, the world actually spins,
and I find that my day almost always begins
to improve in a way that seems fun and productive.
So you taunt me this night, sitting oh, so seductive.
Oh coffee, if only wed we could be.
You're already the only one my eyes wish to see
upon waking, as smelling you lures me from dreams,
whether they'd ended in smiles or screams.
You then jump-start my heart, both with zeal and romance
so the blood pumps with passion as if it were chance
that reincarnated the zombie of flesh
I once was. Now stunned, I stand here afresh.
Can't you just take the place of a significant other?
For you are reliable, don't question or smother!
I guess though, for now, you will remain just a drink,
but thank you for forcing me to rethink
what I thought I wanted in a relationship, gay.
I guess every one is a Coffee kind of day.

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