The Beginning of a New Year.

Well, summer is over, and here I am sitting in a dorm room again. I knew it had to end sometime, but dang I was surprised at how quickly it snuck up on me. You'd think that four months would be more than enough time to be with family and friends back home. But when you think about it longer, what is four months a year compared to the twelve I used to live there? But thinking about it that way just depresses me, so I guess I'll just have to be grateful for what time I did have at home.

Before it ended, though I managed to get a few last thrills in, the best of which included my last day at Johnny Rockets!! The worst of which included my best friend and I getting caught by her parents at a party at my house while my parents were hiking the grand canyon. I didn't actually get into trouble, my parents are pretty understanding and are aware that my brother and I drink; they were basically expecting us to use the house. Katie's parents on the other hand were pretty strict with her (she couldn't come to my house without parental supervision for the rest of the summer), but I think they got over it eventually.

I don't even understand why parents are so surprised or disappointed when they discover that their kids drink-at least, not when they're around 17 or 18. If it is legal at some point in a person's life, what decides when a person is old/responsible enough to do it. It makes me mad when parents get mad at their children for drinking at home when they've been at college unsupervised for at least a year. I feel that my parents rules about drinking are pretty fair- don't drink and drive, don't make an idiot of yourself, and make sure the house is cleaner than when they left it. The only one I don't understand is they don't normally let us drink in their presence, even if we're not going anywhere. It's like they don't want to know it's going on...even when they do. Whatever, it's an issue I'll never really understand, especially here in America, where basically everywhere else in the world, it's legal at 18.

Anyways, moving on. The only other thing worth noting was a quick road trip to San Diego with a few friends which was a blast.

Four days of crazy driving, by yours truly,

ahhh the fresh mountain air!
coffee houses, drunken confessionals, ladies nights out,

shopping sprees and sunset hikes,

exploring the forest of my grandmother's backyard

atomic bingo, getting bad tans and sun-highlights,

catching up on some reading,

and all without managing to kill each other!

...well maybe not.


It was a nice way to end out the summer. And now I'm back! (from outer space. hah.) I have so much stuff going on I'm surprised I'm still functioning so well. New classes, new roommate, new clubs, new job, new responsibilities, new perspective, new year.

I need to go soon (damn homework), but let me just explain that everything that's going on this year is due to this new outlook I have; my new perspective. Any my perspective is this:

Courage is not the absence of fear; but rather the judgement that something else is more important than fear.

And yes, I realize this is straight out of The Princess Diaries, but I was watching it last night and I decided it summed up my new view perfectly. There is no reason to be scared to do something. I value experience over comfortability which is why this year it seems so much more important to me to make the best of every moment of it. What does it matter if everything works out okay, but there are periods in life where you are alone with nothing to do but wish you were doing more? Periods of time wasted on the internet or watching TV alone in your room because you're too afraid that you'll look like an idiot doing it alone in the lobby? Walking to the library on your own to get some work done, just so you can feel like you did something with your day, and secretly envying the group playing frisbee on the quad. Thus, the life of my Freshman year. I've decided to put an end to this wishful thinking and put it into action. Without further ado, I give you the list of activities I plan to stay committed to this school year:

-Working at the Writing Center
-Concert Choir
-Chamber Singers (if I qualify)
-Pirates of Penzance (the musical)
-Garrick Players (another theater group on campus)

all that and keeping my grades up is going to be a doozy, but I WILL do it. As mentioned in my last blog post, I have the most reliable companion. Coffee.

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  1. Amen, sista! And bravo for completing your list!