Another Life.

Okay, enough with the sappy stuff for a while. Seriously, I need a mental break from emotions for now, let's stick with facts and actions, shall we?

Well, I'm back at home in good ol' California and am soaking up the sun like it's my JOB. I am for sure going to have the best tan of my life when I am back in Chicago. Need to show off my naturally browning skin, haters gonna HATE. 

Speaking of jobs, I have both successfully quit my job at Johnny Rockets (praise the lord) and acquired a new job at Osh Kosh B'Gosh in the same shopping center (...awwwwk). Oh well. I should be starting this week sometime, though it's been a little unclear on my boss' part when exactly that will be. 

My dad was also nice enough to buy me a CAR for the summer so I can cart myself around without being an inconvenience to anybody else. It's a 2008 Honda CR-V EX-L, and is a beaut. I am still think of names for her...though it may yet be a him, I haven't quite decided yet.

I just hope this whole job business doesn't take over my life like it did last summer...I earned a ton of money and was never bored, that's for sure, but all the summer fun was sucked away! Well, I'll keep you updated on how the job turns out...my first time in retail! I hope it isn't as bad as most people say. After what I went through last summer, though, I can't really imagine anything worse. 

I'm also going to be a youth theater camp counselor for a six-week period sometime this summer, during which time I'll be working nights at OKB...I'm seriously going to be a zombie during this time...not really sure how I'll be functioning. I am SO excited about this camp though. It's essentially the exact kind of work I hope to be doing at my internship and/or in my career at some point, though this is a little less professional than I envision it to be. For five weeks, the kids do various theater workshops from 9-3 and rehearse for a play they present at the end of the camp. I'm not exactly sure what my tasks will be, but I'm so excited to be doing something theater-related for this summer!!

I also hope to be doing a lot of writing with my free time. First and foremost, this blog needs a major revamping, though I don't know if I can promise as consistent updates as I hoped to. I also have a couple ideas for some short novels I've started working on, but they're still in the very beginning stages. I should really make some kind of daily writing goal for myself to really keep it up. 

So I guess things have kind of fallen into place rather nicely so far at home. I'm going to soak in this scrumptious relaxation period for as long as I can until things start to seriously pick up!

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