A Little Polish

I love painting my nails. I feel like a nail polish junkie. I own a sadly beautiful amount of colors and sometimes enjoy combining them into different color schemes sometimes for fun...who cares if my fingers look weird, I have COLORS on them! Too bad I'm not ambidextrous, or I would be a nail-painting master. Okay, my skills aren't that intense. But! I have developed my own way of getting the the nail looking perfect.

Step 1: File and smooth nails
Step 2: Paint nails, leaving time for each one to dry before applying second or third coats.

now there are two directions to go from here -

Step 3: Fall asleep for more than half an hour (making sure your nails aren't touching anything).
Step 4: Wake up and make sure the nails are dry.

Step 3: Submerge fingers in cold water for five minutes.
Step 4: Blow dry fingers and nails on cool air.

now the plans come back together -

Step 5: If you are a sloppy painter, like me, and have gotten polish all over your finger, take a shower. The skin will loosen the polish above it and you'll be able to either peel or scrape it off.

BAM. And there you have it. My simple two-direction, five-step action plan for the perfect nail painting job. Happy painting, everyone!!

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