I'm Anti-Boredom.

So here I am, sitting on the floor in my room being bored and thinking about how bored I am when it comes to my attention that there are probably hundreds of thousands other people in the world who are just as bored as I am right now. Why not be someone to provide those people with something to do?

So for all of you who are also sitting on your lazy bums out there, looking for something to do (preferably something cheap), I have decided to share with you my list of things to do this summer. Any one of which I could probably be doing right now, but then again it is also 1 in the morning and I should probably be in bed anyways.

1. Learn about the Presidential Candidates
          -Bonus: You'll be doing your country a favor by making a valid, well thought-out decision on your ballot!

2. Have a Photoshoot.
          -Grab your closest gal-pal, choose some funky outfits and go to town!

3. Gang Garage Sale!
          -I have this philosophy that anything you don't use on a daily basis is of questionable occupancy in your life. My friends and I hold an annual summer garage sale, and I gotta tell you: it's the easiest, most refreshing, and ultra fun way to clear the clutter from your life!
          -Bonus: You get to make an extra hundred bucks or so!
          -Disclaimer: That extra hundred only comes in if you put out the goods ;) I'm not saying your Coach purse or favorite pair of shoes (unless you never use that Coach purse...and in that case, Ebay for sure), I'm saying the nice bike you bought three years ago that you've used once and it's just been hanging in your garage. Or the guitar you got as a birthday gift, only you are not musically inclined at ALL. :)

4. Long Boarding
          -Nothing like cruising in the setting summer sun.

          -Disclaimer: these can get to be mucho denero if you're not careful.

6. Choreograph a Dance.
          -This one has been on my list for YEARS. Seriously. I think I'm making some improvement though. The last time I went to the gym, I checked out the dance room and even brought my iHome! It was occupied by a yoga class though, so...maybe next week?

7. Beach Days!
          -A must, obviously. The only problem so far has been gas. The beach is about a twenty minute drive from my house - talk about gas guzzling!
          -Disclaimer: If you don't live by a beach or a lake, laying out in the sun in your backyard with your favorite book and a glass of lemonade is also a preferable alternative!

8. Outdoor Movie Night.
          -Disclaimer: I realize this only really works if you have a projection machine or something like it...hmmm. See number 9.
9. Homemade FORT Movie Night.
         -This just got ten times cooler.

Well, I hope this has been somewhat enlightening to those of you who are looking to spend your summer in a carefree, relaxing, fun way, FREE OF BOREDOM!

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