Somebody to Love.

My patience wears thin! Hurry up, time's a-tickin!
By the time you'll have found me, I'll be screamin' and kickin'
and begging you 'Please, pretty please, do not love me.'
I'll have waited too long for your descent from above me.

You're no track star, I see, nor any athlete by far
But I can't bear one day with my solemn guitar
Writing songs about meeting you and our perfect life;
A family and kids, a career, and a wife.

The hope I kept crest on the chaps of my lips
Will have blown far away as the lonely wind whips
them for shame to have thought they could feel anything
other than ashes and liquids that sting.

My soul aches to meet you, it knows that you're near,
Just circling around me - you'll miss me, I fear,
If you don't lift your gaze at just the right second.
I know your life's busy, but feel my heart beckon.

It'll haul up your sightline, buried deep in a stew,
and you'll stare at my chest wond'ring how you never knew
that 'twas me you were searching for - that beat in your head
you mistook for music was my heartbeat instead.

Then our eyes would meet, and eternity would pass
and crystallize our minds, immortalize us in glass.
No chill would I feel with your body in mine,
My arms wrapped around you, our fingers intwined.

Why should I go further, how is there a point?
When all these that stem from my dreams disappoint
Me? I want to just slap you and scream 'Here I am!'
And into you all seeds of love would I slam.

But how could I do that when your face to me
Is as fluid, transparent as waves in the sea?
And so I await you, patient and stubborn,
grasping at threads of love's dangling rope, worn.

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