Free to Be Me.

bodies are beautiful. From eyebrows, to necks, to SHOULDers, to bellybuttons, to calves, all the way down to toenails. everything about them. every person's is unique. and though sometimes It's hard to fit into your own skin, once you're able to embrace that beauty in yourself, your skin fits like the best pair of jeans you've ever bought, only better because it's not a physical fit, it's a spiritual one.  And in that sense, there's no "fitting in." rather, a breaking free from that caGE That's been holding you back from your deepest desires, keeping you from the person you've always wanted to be. risk-taker. and you can blame the world for your troubles and point your finger at "the man," but really, you know what you should be pointing iT AT TO Overcome your misery, and that's your skin. that horribly itchy, three-sizes-too-small societal suit your ever-expanding soul's been packed and beaten into time and again. cut it off. but where is that "sacred" image...???

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