A Glimpse...

...of what is to come?
Well...something incredible has happened.

I, M______ E________ G____, will be spending next year entirely off campus!

This is so exciting. Not that I don't like my campus or anything...but I could definitely use a change of scenery. And what better scenery is there than the best city in the US?


Yes, this fall semester, I'll be living, working, studying, breathing, dancing, teeth-brusing, screaming it up in the heart of Chicagoland; then, after four months or so, there will be another magnificent scene-change. Only this time, it'll be much much farther from my small little campus.

Lookout, EUROPE, here I come to study in two of your most beautiful and historical cities known to man: Florence, Italy and London, UK! Ha. Studying, who am I kidding? Vacationing, photographing, soul-searching, anything BUT studying. (jk...but seriously, though).

Wow, I know it's a little early to be saying this, I haven't even gone anywhere yet, but am I a lucky girl or what?! This coming year is going to be epic. It almost scares me a little to think of it. I hope I can handle all of this, really appreciate it, and not let it overwhelm me. Here's to the coming year and slaving over summer to save for it!!

Cherries on the cake? Our dear friends Jessica (Chicago) and Arthur (Chicago & Florence/London) will be joining us on these excursions!

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