Why Intelligent People Get Tattoos.

Recently, I've been contemplating getting a tattoo.

Honestly, I never thought I'd get one. Like never, I hated the idea of something being so permanent. I used to think to myself, "seriously, someday soon you're going to look at that ugly picture and say, 'wish I hadn't been so drunk that night' or later, you'll look at that sagging image on your body and think, 'what the hell was I thinking?!' I've always liked the idea of getting one. I always thought people who get tattoos are so bold. I secretly wished I was bold like that. I'm not so sure what exactly made me start considering one really, but I am now...I think it's the little bold changes I've been making in my life recently that have been leading up to it. Cartilage piercing, hair dying, nose piercing, New York spring break trip. I hate to say that this is just what "comes next in the process," because that's not necessarily true, though it may seem like it.

I guess my whole view of tattoos changed thanks to friends, and of course, Pinterest. A few of my friends have tattoos, and they got me thinking about the way I view people with tattoos. Yes, I thought people who got them were bold and extreme risk-takers. But, and excuse my former close-mindedness - I was raised in a bubble-like community and an all-girls Catholic school, I also used to think that all people with tattoos were sentimental losers who were going nowhere in life. Well, if that's true, I guess that'll be me soon, haha. But talking with my friends about their tattoos, I really started to admire them! Tattoos can be such a unique and personal art form, part of the beauty of which is in their permanence. 

Right around the time I was having these thoughts, I got a Pinterest account and began seeing some of the most creative, beautiful, and innovative tattoos I'd ever seen. Got me thinking that maybe not all tattoos are tacky and obnoxious...I even started my own board with a few favorites I've seen entitled INK. Check it out!

But I would never get a tattoo for no reason. This is the hardest part to convince people...or maybe myself of. So listen closely, because I never want to say it again. I think the want for one is inspired by this whole "boldness" period of my life. I want to preserve it, this mindset, in a way. I want something permanent that will always remind me of the person I want to be. The confident, grown, adult, BOLD me that I hope to become more and more like everyday. Always learning, always striving, always improving. 

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