A Stressful Week or Two.

What an incredibly STRESSFUL WEEK. I don't even know where to begin. Well, for starters, I'm in this improvisation class that only has 8 people in it. We've kind of started our own group of players and call ourselves "Tanner and the Explodeo Rodeo," yeah we're pretty hot stuff. Well, our professor schedules us performances as "tests" for class to evaluate how we're doing and we had a couple this past Thursday and Friday night at 10pm after a variety of short student-plays were put on in the theater. Cool enough, right? NO.

It just so happened that on both of those nights I had other things to attend. So on Thursday night, after a lengthy physics test (I'm not very good at physics), and a 3 hour Theater Criticism class (which ended at 950pm, mind you), I sprinted to the theater just in time to warm up in like, two minutes and then we were on stage! Thank God, I barely made it, and the show was great!! I sometimes forget how funny we can be because in class, no one's there to laugh but us. But the audience was so encouraging and we were all just there to have a good time and laugh together, so it was awesome. We did a Juggernaught, our interpretation of a Herald (if you don't know what a Herald is, its basically the staple for long form improv), and then a bunch of free form in which I was Rebecca Black (dear Lord), and had to go on Oprah to be reconciled with my 13 year old manager brother. Like I said, pretty hot stuff. We got off stage and were all hyped up by how crazy awesome our show went, only to discover that our show the following night had been moved to 9pm.

Now this next night, Friday is a little more complicated. This was the night of our last choir concert to be held in a community center that was a good mile from our school, if not more. For the past couple days, we'd had to walk/catch rides to get there because of rehearsals. The concert began at 730pm and all week our director had been assuring us that it shouldn't be longer than an hour. Only now was this information important to me because that only gave me half an hour to get back to school, but I figured I'd be fine. I packed my concert attire, music, heels, and tights in my backpack and rode my bike (in the rain) into town for the concert. I was already a few minutes late, but I ran straight to the bathroom to get changed and was still pulling my heels on as I got up to warm up, out of breath of course. Gradually I eased my way into enjoying myself, as this was after all probably the last time I'd be singing this music with these people, which I just needed to savor.

Choir this year was amazing. I love the people, I love the music, I love the atmosphere, I love performing. It basically kept me sane this whole year. Being away from home for such a long period of time is honestly difficult for me. Just because I came here to get away from all the hollering and hullaballoo back there doesn't mean I don't miss it sometimes. A lot of the time, actually. So truth be known, choir was just the kind of catharsis I needed to express all that and I'm so incredibly grateful that I had that this year.

Baaaaaaaack to my story. Everything's going swimmingly, we're halfway through the concert when I ask a friend what time it is. EIGHT THIRTY. The entire rest of the performance, my hands were sweaty, I was twitchy, because I was so nervous I was messing up notes and my voice was cracking. All I could think was 'I need to get out of here!' It was sad because I really wanted to stay for the reception, but nope. I went straight to the bathroom and pulled my jeans on over my tights, slipped my tennis shoes and sweatshirt on and ran to my bike. The rain was pouring, the puddles had doubled, it was dark. I'm biking with all my strength with soaking jeans and shoes, not even aware of the time, though I'm roughly sure it was somewhere around 9ish. I finally get to the theater and damnit. They'd already started. Not ONLY had they started, they were FINISHING. I guess they needed us to go on at 830 instead. I watched them finish out their performance and cheered them on. There was no way I could just jump in after letting them down like that. I felt awful. The worst part was that I told my professor that I had a concert and that I may be late, but he wasn't there. They didn't even know where I was. Isn't that terrible?? I felt like such an ass. They were cool and listened to my explanation of things, and even told me I should have jumped in, but no. It was their show at that point. Ugh.

All I can say is FINALLY! This stressful week is over. Just in time for an even more stressful one to begin, hooray. And wow, I mean...if you read all of this you must really like me, haha.

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