Beginning of the End.

I figure I write a lot in these blog posts, haha. Here's a short one for you.

Last day of school!! Yay. I have a physics final this Friday (bleugh), and a politics final on Saturday (eeeewwww). I'm really glad because my improv class talked my professor out of doing this STUPID solo-performance-presentation thing that was what he called "open to our interpretation," even though I'm relatively certain he had no idea what it was supposed to be himself. So I finished the writing portion of that final, but I still have to go in on Saturday morning to do a kind of final performance with the group, which I mean is going to be fun and all...but I am kind of ready for it to come to an end. The rest of the team are really close - they go out and party together and all. I kind of tend to distance myself from them outside of class, and I don't really know why. I think its because they're SO good at improv that I feel like they wouldn't want to hang out with me anyways, so why bother embarrassing myself trying to get them to like me? And I'm sure this is mostly in my head, but I can't help thinking it, and it stresses me the hell out. Anyways, I'm pretty ready for all this and more to be over and done with.


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