The Windy City

Well, I did it. I cut off like 6 inches of my hair. And it looks awesome!! I don't think I could have been happier with it, and for 5 bucks?? I'm ecstatic :) I know, it was originally 3, but my friend didn't have any singles and they didn't have change, so I just gave them a five. Hey, its still better than the like 60 I would have paid at home. You probably can't tell from the picture, but It gets pretty short in the back, no more than a few inches...SO SHORT! I'm in love with it though, so it's ok.

So this weekend I went into the city with a friend for a little while, and I kind of went on a photo extravaganzaa. I took a photography class my senior year in high school and I got SUPER into it, so much so that I actually applied to some schools with that being my entry major. HA. I still really love it though and I miss doing it a lot.

It was raining.
Not the ideal weather for going to the city, but we made the most of it :)

This is my friend Samme who came with me.
She was my unofficial model for the day.

Isn't she purrrdy?

Ahhh grimey Chicago, how I adore thee.

Look at this random hot guy who decided to photobomb.
Now I have immortalized him and his hotness in this photo.

We went to this awesome Thai restaurant. It was delish.
I had spring rolls, red curry and brown rice, and green tea ice cream.
What more could you ask for?
Oh yeah, fresh squeezed lemonade.

I am honestly obsessed with the El.
I think it is the smartest freaking way to get around the city.
Some people are scared of it, but that's just ridiculous...
I feel so cool when I use it, haha.

Pretty Lights

Home of the greats.

Well I have a final anecdote before I bid farewell, though. So I always take the garbage out of my dorm on Sundays before my roommate comes back from home on the weekends. She has OCD, so I figure thats something small I can do to keep things relatively clean in the room, though truth be known putting my clothes away probably wouldn't hurt either, haha. Anyways, I'm whistling away while coming up to the garbage bins and I hear this shuffling noise from behind the gate. At first I figure it's another person emptying their garbage for the start of the new week but then I realize there's no way anyone could fit between the fence and the bin in that corner, but by then it's too late. I'm pretty much right up against the bin when I see this humungous fat raccoon and I freeze. I look at it. It looks at me. For a good while, I mean at least 30 seconds pass before I'm like I should probably get out of its attack range because I seriously thought this thing may just jump right across the bin and scratch my face off. I think as I finally got smart enough to back away it started to hiss at me, but by then I was the hell out of there. Luckily I had remembered to throw my garbage in before I left. THE END.

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