California Summer.

Well, it is with a sad heart that I bid farewell to this...

(me bidding farewell)

...and say hello to this...

...well, maybe not too sad a heart :)

This is my mom by the way. We went on a beach hike for mother's day! And not a minute too soon, I landed in LA just yesterday, haha. Oh how I've missed the ocean! I plan on spending at least a quarter of my whole summer there, not only to get ridiculously tan (I already got sunburn today, on ACCIDENT. I forgot how easy it is in California) but also to see the Green Flash! I learned in my physics class that before the sun sets, we can see a flash of green light - yes, like the one in Pirates of the Caribbean. But it can only be seen over a really smooth surface (like the ocean..ha).

None of my friends are back yet, so I'm thinking I need to get a head start on looking for a job and I hear In-N-Out is hiring which is phenomenal. If you don't know what In-N-Out is, as its only in Cali, it's basically the best burger place in the universe. So much so that they only have 3 items on the menu: Hamburger, Cheeseburger, and Double-Double, though there is an underground menu as well of which I am not at liberty to speak on this blog. Anywho, this would be perfect because I could eat burgers for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, AND the pay is excellente.

Apart from getting a job this summer, I plan on doing a ton of crafts - and not just dinky little things I'll make and never use. I'm talking things that will be staples of my lifestyle, yo. I'm moving my mattress up to the loft of my room so there will be a chill area to just hang out on the floor and I wanted things to sit on down there. I saw this cushion and fell in love. Also, I have like no clothes for warm weather after living in chillyness for so long, so why not make some clothes? I've gotten pretty into skirts lately, and I like this one a lot!

Anyways, I'll update you on what I actually do because these are plans that are just kind of sketched out in my mind right now. I really hope I follow thru with them, ha. Have a happy mother's day :)

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