The Joys of Summer Jobs

Panning for Gold - Ben Sollee

"10% off Johnny Rockets for lunch and dinner!"

There are a variety of ways people can respond to this and being handed a coupon:
-Excited. "Oh really? I love Johnny Rockets! Thanks!"
For the record, that's the only one I like.
-Suave. "What? It's free?" *gross wink*
Why not just gag me, that's an easier way to get me to vomit.
-The Wave-off. *hand wave* *pursed face*
-The Head Shake. *head shake* *optional smile*
-Blissfully Ignorant. "If I don't look at her, she doesn't exist...right?"
People are the best.

Boys Don't Cry - Ben Sollee

I bet you can guess how much I like my job. For right now, since I'm a newby, I'm stuck with the dinky jobs like handing out coupons, bussing tables, seating people, refilling glasses, doing nasty dishes, etc. But tomorrow, I'll be done with training and I'll be a hostess!! Hopefully it'll be worth it. This place is insane. We're 5th in sales in the nation, and my boss doesn't let anyone forget it. There are fifteen 360 degree cameras in the tiny place, and if she sees you doing something wrong or unproductive, she'll call from wherever she's watching you (in her office, at her house, on her phone, or in her car.) and tell you you're being useless. And maybe if you're lucky like me, she'll threaten your job. ON MY FIFTH DAY. I was still training and this wise-ass guy who loves telling people what to do tells me to separate doily's and watch the gate for customers, and I get a call from boss-lady who basically says I have 5 minutes to get the back into ship-shape (do all the dishes...there were a lot) and that she didn't want to have to call back and "terminate my employment." Oh, and that she'd be watching. Pleasant woman, she.

A Few Honest Words - Ben Sollee

So this weekend is Labor Day Weekend, and since we're located at an Outlet Mall, business is going to be CRAZY. I work 8 hours Sat. and Sun., and probably Mon. as well, the schedule is given out weekly which sucks. Ugh. I'm tired of thinking about all the negative aspects of this job. Can I tell you some positive things about it to help prevent me from convincing myself to quit? Okay.

I LOVE everyone who works there (other than the boss, that is.) The lady I trained with, Isabel, I feel like she's my awesome grandma. She's from Guatemala and is in her late 40's, maybe early 50's, and she's the sweetest, funniest, kindest, wisest, kick-ass person I've ever met. She's teaching me all the pro tricks of the trade, like how to make really pretty Arnold Palmers and how you can use a coffee filter to clean wine glasses.

Lights - Ellie Goulding

My friend who got the job with me had to quit because she has an internship, but the girl that replaced her is also one of my friends who I went to high school with. I'm so happy we're working together, we have so much fun :)

A Change is Gonna Come - Ben Sollee

Yesterday, I did an intense work-out with my best friend which included a pool portion. The hardest thing we did was treading water with our toes out of the water. Today my arms and abs are dead. Anywho, afterward, we laid in the sun to dry, and unfortunately, we both fell asleep for 40 minutes and now it hurts to put on clothes. If I thought I could get a picture of the line between white and red without it looking pretty scandalous, I'd show you, but I don't think I can so you're just going to have to trust me when i say that I'm bright red everywhere but where my bathing suit was.

How to See the Sun Rise - Ben Sollee

BTdubs, I'm hoping to take a 3-day road trip with a friend to see Ben Sollee in concert in San Francisco! Hopefully I can get these days off work, and figure out cheap transportation and lodging because dammit, I can't afford 12 hours worth of gas at $4.30 a gallon with my gas guzzler :P But if I end up getting to go, I think I will die of happiness.

You and Your Heart - Jack Johnson

I'm almost finished with the cushion!
This is what the inside looks like:

And here's with the two sewn together and partially stuffed:

Ok, so I know some of the seams are a little uneven, but hey, I don't have a sewing machine so this is hand-stiched, mind you. I'm so proud of it!! I just have to finish stuffing it and sew it shut, then add the buttons :)

Pretending - Glee Cast

Mkay, well I should get some rest for this hectic weekend coming up. Blah. Wish me luck!

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