Celebrate Good Times.


Who's a bamf? Me. The surprising thing is that I think I actually managed to do well in all of my finals, which is just extra icing on the cake. Speaking of cake, I celebrated my birthday with some friends on Saturday night! I couldn't believe how well everything turned out, we had a room, decorations, food, drinks, music, games, cupcakes and candles. You know, everything you need to have a successful party, according to my mother.
Funny story for the night: of course, when you get a group of guys and girls together at a party, those types of games where secrets are spilled and boundaries are crossed tend to be played. We ended up playing truth or dare, and being the birthday girl, I was the last to be asked a question. I settled upon a dare because I NEVER take dares, and to be honest I was pretty drunk and much more willing to do something stupid. My dare was this: to take a shot from Lillian's boobs, or to eat frosting off of them. Jesus Christ. I'll leave what happened up to your interpretation because I feel like my description of this may be a little explicit...all I can say is that it was messy.
It was honestly one of the best nights of my life, though, that's for damn sure. I finished my last final earlier that day so I was officially on summer vacation! My closest friends were all there including my roommate Julia who even though we've had a couple rough patches this year, I'm going to miss being her roommate a lot. I love the fact that we can be in completely different moods and still SOMEHOW get along, which I think is just so incredibly rare to see in a friend. Don't get me wrong, I mean we can still annoy each other to hell, but we get over it eventually just like everybody does. She can make me laugh even when I'm in the worst mood, and gets me to do crazy things like dying my hair purple, hiding furniture in the laundry room, or playing mini-nerf guns around the dorm at 3am.

This is us decorating the girl's bathroom for halloween. I think we make great Frankensteins. Oh, and if you can't read our sign, it says:
"For the courtesy of others, please clean up after yourselves. If you pour something down the sink, please clean it up, don't let it sit there. Thanks, Female Residents."
Seriously, its just gross.
Anyways, she's going to be an RA on the completely opposite campus from me next year! So I really hope we stay good enough friends that we at least get lunch every now and then.

The end of the year also means packing up all my stuff and moving back to California. (Gahh, don't make me!) So my brother comes in on a flight from LA tonight to help me pack up! I can't wait to see him and show him around. :)

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