Finally, Vacation!


With only one completely miserable day, I might add. This miserable day included:

-my thinking that I gave some old guy a heart attack because he ordered a turkey burger and I gave him beef.
-my taking a delivery order and not delivering it until more than 2 hours later.
-my taking a table of 10 because I thought I was hot shit.
-my messing up about half of their order.
-my 16 voids.
-my spilling my coffee all over the floor on my way out to make the 2-hour late delivery.

Now I'm not a light crier...but I bawled my way to pick my mom up from work when the day was over. It was BAD...but in those few horrible hours I learned how to DEAL with all of that which is probably the most important thing I've learned in a LONG TIME. I honestly still can't believe that I survived and that people don't hate me. And thank God cuz dang I love the people there :)

Other than that one awful day, serving is amaaaazing! Mostly because of the tips. I couldn't believe it, it was like I was getting paid double everyday I served which was awesome!! I like doing things for people, though too--it feels good when I help people enjoy themselves :)

Today I went for a bike ride around town with my dad since I won't be here for Father's Day. It was so fun, except for the fact that I used my bike I got when I was 8 and now my butt is very sore. Then we went to sushi (where the guy asked if we would need 2 glasses for my dad's beer. Its nice to know I look old enough hehe) and then to Pirates..4? It was actually pretty good, too.

And tomorrow I'm off to NYC! Its been a pretty productive week :D

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