NYC Day 1

Alright. So I haven't been blogging for this whole trip because I just wanted to sit back and take it all in :) However, it is my last night here in The City of Dreams and I want to make it last as looooong as possible, so I have decided to stay up and start the long process of telling you everything I did :D

Day 1 - Wednesday

After a long couple of flights on which my mom and I struggled to obtain only a few hours of sleep, we arrived in NYC La Gaurdia and caught a cab into the city. I always love taking the cab because its always fun to roll down the window and let the summery breeze blow thru your hair after a long flight. Plus, you get to see all the cute apartments and such. Then you turn the corner, and there's Times Square!! It's funny how it just pops up on you.

We all hung out for a little bit in the hotel room (all of us were pretty pooped from the trip over here), and then we hit the streets. Grandma was in the mood for an Italian place for lunch so we found a really nice restaurant. A nice EXPENSIVE restaurant, I couldn't believe the prices! To compensate for that, as this is-as my mother would say: "New York on a Budget," we got the complimentary hors d'oeuvres for dinner, which were actually delish.

View from our hotel window on the 39th floor!

With our bellies full (for the time being) we went back to our room and fell into a food coma for a bit, still exhausted from the travels. When we woke up, we decided to head down to Little Italy and get dessert at this awesome place, Ferrera.

Here it is.


I have to warn you, this trip is as much about food as it is anything else, so be prepared to salivate.

As for the rest of the night, we all just caught up on all the laughs we miss apart :)

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  1. Finally!!! Okay, I am so super jealous of your trip to NYC and I want to know every detail!