NYC Day 2

Day 2 - Thursday

Up and about early today, well rested from the night before! My aunt is a rewards member at the hotel we stayed at so we got complimentary breakfast, too--an excellent bonus for New York on a Budget. I’m not usually a huge fan of hotel complimentary breakfasts...and I especially don’t trust people other than my family making my eggs. It’s weird, I know, but still. However at this breakfast buffet I couldn’t resist. Everyday for breakfast I’d get eggs, a couple sausages and a croissant and fashion myself a scrumptious breakfast sandwich. No joke it was fabulous.

Being our first full day in the city, we decided it was time to get some exercise. Translation: BIKE RIDE THRU CENTRAL PARK! I was super stoked because not only do I love scenic places, I’m also a pretty pro bike-rider...which is more than I can say for my cousins and grandmother, haha. With some trouble from jerks who tell you what a good deal you’re gettin when actually, they’re scamming you, we managed to get one of those cool tour bikes for grandma at a reasonable price. I was going to do a tandem bike with my cousin which would have been awesome, but they didn’t have any at the place we rented them. Nonetheless, the ride was fantastic!! There were all sorts of people on the trails: moms running with their newborns in strollers, hard core bicyclists, nasty sweaty hairy old men trying to keep in shape, high school besties planning their summer over a casual stroll, and of course, dinky tourists with their slick rental mountain bikes and backpacks.

Here we are! My cousin Alexis, and my madre in the red :)

Alexis having trouble with her bike...hehe.

Grandma and her incredibly decent-looking bicyclist ;)

John Lennon Memorial

After the ride, we ate at this adorable french restaurant--my salad was gorgeous and delicious-
mmmmmmm. nom nom nom.

Then we split up: Aunt Elaine went with grandma to get the ballet tickets for that night, and the rest of us (me, mom, Auntie Linda, Alexis, and Nicole) went to a couple designer sample sales. At the J Crew one, I got the cutest v-neck navy shirt with ruffles down the front and a thin oversized pale-pink sweater. An adorable combo at a NYoaB price ;)

Came back to the hotel to eat and wash up, and then the cousins and Aunt Elaine and Grandma went to the ballet! It was called Coppelia-about a girl whose lover falls for another girl...but then he discovers that she’s a doll and he goes back to loving the first girl. It was INCREDIBLE. I’d never been to the ballet before...I was ridiculously underdressed, haha. The male lead of the ballet was just phenomenal. He had a solo near the end in which he did these tremendous jumps-one after the other, for like 10 min straight. He was probably 6 feet something, and I swear he got up to 10 in the air. He literally stole the show, the audience was in AWE.

American Ballet Theater!

The stage was HUGE!

Here's the cast :)

The female lead is holding the violet flowers and the male lead is to her right.

The cousins :)

Left to Right: Alexis, me, Nicole

After the show, we caught a cab to meet up with mom and Auntie Linda at this place called the Shake Shack. They are famous for their frozen custard which they use instead of ice cream for all their desserts. They also had burgers--I ate mine so fast I don’t even remember eating it. The shake was delectable, but it was a little much for me--really rich. But hey, who am I to complain? :)

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